5 Things You Should Know about the 2014 Food & Travel Expo


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Last year, we launched the nation’s first Food and Travel Expo in Providence, Rhode Island. This wonderful event is for people who plan their vacations around food. Whether you travel to Napa for the wine or Texas for the barbecue, our goal is to help you discover some new culinary regions worthy of a tasty adventure. The Expo is coming back for round two on October 3rd and 4th, and here’s what you need to know about the 2014 event:

1. There’s a reason we chose Providence.


Providence in Travel + Leisure

Providence in Travel + Leisure

Everybody knows you can find fantastic food in New York City, New Orleans, and San Francisco. But the whole point of the Taste Trekkers Expo is to turn you on to culinary destinations that you may not already know about. That’s why Providence, Rhode Island, is the perfect choice. If you’ve never been to this fantastic little city, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It’s legendary for the Italian food served up on Federal Hill, but since the turn of the millennium, an exciting new crop of chefs have also opened up restaurants. Many of these are alumni of Johnson & Wales University, which has a world-renowned culinary program. In fact, for a state so small, Rhode Island has produced a surprising number of James Beard Award nominees, including our keynote speaker at last year’s Expo, Chef Matt Jennings of Farmstead (sure, he just announced that he’s returning to Boston, but he leaves behind an amazing community of chefs). There’s a reason Travel + Leisure Magazine named this place “America’s Best City for Food and Drink.” And they’re not the only ones who have taken notice. Following in our footsteps, StarChefs rolled through Providence earlier this year to celebrate everything New England.

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2. All foodies are invited…


Farmstead Table at Taste Trekkers Tasting Pavilion - Photo by Jeff Cutler

Farmstead Table at Taste Trekkers Tasting Pavilion (photo by Jeff Cutler)

Last year, we called our event, “The Food Tourism Conference.” In retrospect, we were concerned that foodies may have thought that you had to be “in the industry” to attend. So this year, we’ve renamed the event the “Food & Travel Expo,” and we want you to know that if you’re an adventurous eater, you are invited to join us on Saturday, October 4th. Don’t get us wrong — this is a great place to rub shoulders with people who are in the industry, including chefs, farmers, artisanal food producers, brewers, winemakers, writers and more — but you do not have to be a professional to partake in the festivities.

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3. …but we’re doing something special for industry folks on October 3rd.


Chef Cesin Curi of Los Andes at Taste Trekkers - Photo by Stacey Doyle

Chef Cesin Curi of Los Andes at the 2013 Taste Trekkers Expo (photo by Stacey Doyle)

However, we are lining up a series of events on the afternoon of Friday, October 3rd, for people who are in the food and travel industries. On Friday, we will cover topics ranging from travel writing to giving food tours to using the power of food to attract tourists. We will also host our panel discussion on food tourism on this day, followed by a cocktail reception where people can mingle (or “network” if that’s better for tax purposes).

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4. We’ll be announcing the speakers and topics later this summer.

I know, I know…we’re being a tease. But we’re still in the process of putting together an awesome lineup for you. However, we can tell you some of the awesome topics we covered last year, including ceviche from Peru, ice cider from Vermont, chocolate from Madagascar, BBQ from Memphis, the history of food trucks, the terroir of honey, and more. This year, we’ll have even more speakers, covering even more topics. Even we can’t wait!
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In the meantime, here’s a video of last year’s highlights.


5. It’s a great event, but don’t take our word for it.

Of course we’re going to tell you how wonderful last year’s event was, but we’re obviously biased. So instead, perhaps you’d prefer to see what people said about last year’s event on Twitter…

We hope you’ll be able to join us in Providence this October!

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Take a Food Tour

Join Master Chef and Historian Walter Potenza in the discovery of great foods and history of Federal Hill in Providence. Our Premiere Food Tour will take you to different locations where you will be sampling Cheeses, Charcuterie, Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars and many more ingredients present in the repertoire of Italian Cookery. You will also learn food terminology, products information, how to shop, how to store and anything that may be of interest in expanding your culinary horizon. Throughout the walking event you will meet the people who make it possible for Federal Hill to be recognized as a food and historical destination in the USA. Your walking tour will end at Chef Walters Cooking School where Chef Walter will present the “Pasta or risotto of the day”, paired with the “Wine of the day“. Of course samples are offered. After the tasting you will visit the Federal Hill Heritage Center Photo Exhibit of early Italian Immigration in Rhode Island located on 286 Atwells Avenue. Only collection in Rhode Island

In-depth details here!

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