• Washington D.C. mound.
  • 21% between 25th & 26th.
  • My posse’s on it.
  • Hindi or Nepali for “plate.”
  • Dorothy naps.
  • Eggplant fries with sea salt and honey, spiced fig and onion tart with blue cheese and sage and spice crispies
  • Black cod with carrot sauce or lavender-rubbed duck leg with rhubarb or celery root ravioli with maitake mushrooms
  • Japanese cheesecake with passion fruit sabayon or ginger cake with vanilla ice cream or chocolate truffle torte with caramel

I’m Christine Willmsen, a writer who is all about sharing my passion of food – from a single person’s perspective. I picked Poppy restaurant for a variety of reasons. First, I had yet to try the restaurant and it has been on my hit list for months. I also wanted to see what Poppy’s Executive Chef Jerry Traunfeld was up to in the kitchen since leaving The Herbfarm.


mystery revealed

Appetizer: Appetizers included eggplant fries with sea salt and honey, spiced fig and onion tart with blue cheese and sage and spice crispies.


Main entree : Black cod with carrot sauce and cucumber shiso salad served with nettle and mushroom soup, grilled radicchio, leek and lentil salad, delicata squash and black-eyed peas with berbere, cauliflower with toasted garlic, horseradish and currants, fennel, orange and wild ginger pickle and nigella-poppy naan. Other entrees included lavender-rubbed duck leg with rhubarb, angelica and pea sprouts and celery root ravioli with maitake mushrooms and truffle butter. Everyone enjoyed their selections. I found the black cod silky and perfectly prepared.


main entree

Dessert: Japanese cheesecake with passion fruit sabayon and matcha crumble as well as ginger cake with vanilla ice cream, blood orange and candied olives and chocolate truffle torte with caramel, soba-cha crumbs and lime frozen yogurt were the top orders of the night.

ginger dessert

The Wild about Saffron drink combined vodka, brandy, rose water, saffron, lemon and angostura. I found it refreshing and herbaceous. Others ordered wine by the glass and the bourbon sour.

whiskey sour

Guests included friends of The Solo Cook, return Mystery Meet guests, home cooks and foodies. After introducing everyone to each other, people engaged in conversation throughout the night about food, cooking, health and local politics.

group eating


Poppy restaurant was a mind-blowing experience and an explosion of flavors in my mouth. The Thali-style Indian dinner was great for this eclectic group of people. The main entrée included six other smaller bites of about two ounces each of food. So I suggest you come to the restaurant hungry and thirsty. Everyone in the group loved the courses and while some were meeting for the first time, these foodies had no problem sharing small bites so everyone could experience the dishes. Thanks to Chef Jerry Traunfeld for an amazing, tantilizing dinner and the staff for being so attentive.

My blog, The Solo Cook, explains more about our food – where it comes from, how to prepare it and how to enjoy it. It’s an exploration of food for solo eaters with stories, helpful tips and suggestions on cooking, entertaining and gardening. As an award-winning journalist for more than 20 years, I hope to inspire everyone to take more adventures with food, especially those who are single.

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