Take the Denver Foodie Quiz

How well do you know the Denver food scene? Let's find out.
Denver Foodie Quiz

1. Although Louisville, Kentucky disputes the claim, downtown Denver has a stone marker boasting that the Humpty Dumpty Barrel restaurant was the birthplace of what?


2. What is in a Denver Omelette?

Denver Cityscape

3. Denver was originally three towns with three separate names. When they merged, the other towns agreed to drop their names in exchange for what?

Beer - Dark

4. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper helped found which brewery in 1988?

Rocky Mountains

5. What are Rocky Mountain Oysters?


6. Which steakhouse is also a National Historic Landmark and a Western Museum?


7. Which "fast casual" restaurant chain opened its first location in a former Dolly Madison ice cream parlor?


8. Which Wolfgang Puck disciple made it to the finale of Top Chef Masters?

Denver Dolphins

9. Denver is the "Mile High City," which has what culinary effect?


10. Denver's Great American Beer Festival is the largest in the nation. How many different beers can you find there?