Highlights from the 13th Annual Taste of Atlanta


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Taste of Atlanta I am so happy to be back in the South and share my yummy experience at Taste of Atlanta. Taking over the streets of Midtown, it was a true conglomerate of everything the Peach City has to offer and even some neighboring towns outside of the city limits.
My event ticket came with 10 coupons to spend at over 100 vendors serving varying cuisines, so I had to choose carefully!
In addition to 10 coupons, patrons were given access to live demonstration stages and cooking showdowns. I personally watched the Bartender competition and checked out the Fried Chicken Competition.
Steering away from the typical southern items – chicken, wings, and the like – I tried Italian first.
Georgia, let alone Atlanta, is far from known for its Italian food. So any chance I get, I see what the Italian restaurants you can find are offering. Davio’s was great and I’ve had some of their pasta before it was a good spend(img_0436).

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Taste of Atlanta Ughhh, 8 coupons left! What will I get?! Now I know that I need to have Barbecue and a bit of Mexican, then some kind of dessert. As I continue down the streetways filled with food, I turn the corner and see Chipotle giving away free tacos! Got my Mexican!
After devouring a pulled pork taco with all the trimmings, I peeped the Barbecue plates flowing around the festival. I headed to the
Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q truck and I was in for a treat! Slow cooked Ribs and pulled pork slathered in the sauce of your choice. All for 6 coupons. A full meal for the win!
Overall the event was very fun. Although it’s been going on for 13 years, it was my first time attending and it was a true Taste Trekker experience. The variety and setup was all amazing; very entertaining, and well worth the price! Until next year.

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