How to Submit Your Food Tour Company to Our Directory

Do you run a food tour company? We’d love to list it in the directory on our website. Here’s what you need to know about our food tour directory program:


How do I submit my listing?

Just log in and fill out this form. (Note: You must be registered on our site as a food tour operator. If you cannot see the form, please update your profile.)

Does it cost anything?

We have two options:

  • FREE: We just ask that you provide our fans with a 10% discount.
  • PAID: For $200 a year, you can list your company without providing a discount.


We are thrilled to be listed on Taste Trekkers! It’s the website for foodies who love travel and travelers who love food.
—John LaVerne, Bulldog Tours


Why do I have to give a discount?

By offering this discount, we encourage people to sign up for the Taste Trekkers email list. By growing our email list, we can encourage more people to go on food tours in the future. It’s how we grow the entire industry.
We recognize that most food tour companies are small businesses without large marketing budgets. (So is Taste Trekkers!) The reason we set up the free discount option is so you don’t have to pay for advertising unless you actually get customers from it. And we do a discount because we know it’s much easier for small businesses to pay in trade than it is to pay in cash.
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How do people redeem their discounts?

Boston Food Tours

Boston Food Tours

That is up to you. When you list your food tour company with us, you will provide the instructions for the discount that will appear on our website.

Can I update my listing?

Yes. Log in and click on “My Food Tour Listings” to see your listings. Click the Edit link to update your listing.

Can I delete my listing?

Yes. Log in and click on “My Food Tour Listings” to see your listings. Click the Delete link to delete your listing. Please note that you must honor any discounts that have already been issued when you delete your listing.


Taste Trekkers is really committed to exposing food travelers to food tours and related tourism around the world!
—Cindy Salvato, Savoring Rhode Island


Am I a local tour or a destination tour?

Local tours last for a few hours in one city and generally cost less than $100. Destination tours last for days, cost several hundred or thousand dollars, and usually require customers to arrange their own transportation. If you offer both types of tours, feel free to create two listings.

I offer local tours in more than one city. What should I do?

Create one listing per city that you offer tours in. You do not need to create more than one listing if you offer multiple tours in the same city.

The website says my email address is already registered, but I don’t know my password.

If we have featured an article by or about you on our website, you may already be registered on our site. You can retrieve your password here. Once you log in, you can update your password. Make sure you also update your profile to list yourself as a Food Tour Operator.

I am registered and logged in, but I cannot see the form to add my food tour company.

Please update your profile to indicate that you are a Food Tour Operator.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact us.
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