• Where people park their cars in the yard.
  • Work up an appetite on the rink!
  • The chef has a beard…James Beard.
  • One of Boston’s Top Chefs.
  • A bridge in Venice.
  • Family Stule Grilled Shellfish Platter
  • Shaved Fennel
  • Squab and Pork Sausages
  • Piedmont Sweets

I was really honored to host the first Mystery Meet Boston dinner for they year, and I was psyched when I found out that we were having it at Rialto. It was going to be an early birthday celebration for me, and what better way to celebrate than enjoy my favorite cuisine at one of the city’s best restaurants?

It was also perfect that it was in Harvard Square, which I don’t think gets enough credit for its wonderful food and chefs. And speaking of chefs, it was wonderful to have Jody Adams stop by during dinner and talk to me and the guests. That’s just the icing on the cake.


Family-Style Grilled Shellfish Platter: mussels, shrimp, oysters, andouille, and toasted garlic bread.

Family-Style Grilled Shellfish Platter

Shaved Fennel: mushrooms, chestnuts, pomegranate, toma, Meyer lemon vinaigrette.

Shaved Fennel

Squab and Pork Sausages: polenta, peppers, endive, golden raisins.

Squab and Pork Sausages

Piedmont Sweets: Gianduja, hazelnut, espresso, meringue, Meyer lemon puree.

Piedmont Sweets

Paired Wines: Napolini Bianco dei MontiVilla Donna Barbera di Monferato, and Brachetto D’Acqui

Napolini Bianco dei Monti

Brachetto D'Acqui

We had a mix of first-time Mystery Meet attendees to veterans. The group was divided into three tables, and everyone wore name tags to better get to know each other (there is a “meet” part to the dinner, after all!). Throughout the night, people were laughing and enjoying the mouth-watering food. It was also really nice meeting Chef Jody Adams, who was very friendly and welcoming. We all had a blast!



I had a really wonderful time dining with fellow foodies at Rialto. It was nice seeing some friends and meeting new ones, too. It’s hard to choose a favorite course, but I’d have to go with… *surprise* the chocolate-based dessert. I loved the pairing of giandujua and Meyer lemon puree, and I also like that I was able to make a wish on my birthday candle 🙂 It was such a sweet way to end the night.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Mystery Meet at Rialto, to Seth for letting me host another dinner, to Jacki (Railto’s PR Manager and fellow food blogger) who was terrific at handling all the details, and of course to Chef Jody Adams!

[See Bianca’s full review on her Confessions of a Chocoholic blog.]

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  1. Bianca – Happy Birthday!
    So glad that you hosted another delicious MM. Your dinner at Posto was most excellent also!

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