Take the Las Vegas Foodie Quiz

How well do you know the Las Vegas food scene? Let'sĀ find out...
Las Vegas Foodie Quiz

1. Which TV chef graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1990 with a degree in hospitality management?


2. Where did the Las Vegas Strip's first buffet open (in the 1940s)?


3. Which chain restaurant lets people get married in their flagship Las Vegas location?


4. In 1992, who opened Spago in Caesars Palace, launching the wave of celebrity chef restaurants?


5. In 2012, a group of 308 chefs and sommeliers at Vegas Uncork'd broke the Guinness World record for what?


6. In 1959, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino introduced the city's first shrimp cocktail. How much did it cost?


7. Which Las Vegas Sun columnist has written several cookbooks?


8. The 100th episode of Bizarre Foods was filmed in Las Vegas, where host Andrew Zimmern ate a hamburger that cost how much?


9. Which character in the 2001 film Ocean's Eleven is eating in almost every scene?


10. What is the name of Las Vegas' oldest steakhouse, which opened in 1958?