Take the New Orleans Foodie Quiz

How well do you know the New Orleans food scene? Let's find out.
New Orleans Foodie Quiz

1. Which NOLA restaurant also houses a Mardi Gras museum?

Po Boy

2. What is a "Po' Boy"?

Celebrity Chef

3. Which New England-born celebrity chef has a famous eponymous restaurant in New Orleans?


4. King Cakes are commonly served around Mardi Gras. Inside each King Cake is a plastic baby. What happens if you find the baby in your piece of cake?

Thrown Together

5. According to folklore, which dish takes its name from a phrase meaning "throw something together"?


6. Which NOLA cocktail, first created in 1888, includes egg whites as one of its key ingredients?

Mark Twain

7. Which historic Garden District restaurant, opened in 1880, has entertained the likes of Mark Twain and Jefferson Davis?


8. Which ingredient are you likely to find in Creole dishes but not Cajun dishes?


9. Brennan's restaurant is credited with the invention of which dessert?


10. Louisiana is responsible for over 90% of the U.S. supply of what?