Take the Philadelphia Foodie Quiz

How well do you know the Philadelphia food scene? Find out...
Philadelphia Foodie Quiz

1. Who is credited with inventing the Philadelphia cheesesteak?

Bell in Hand

2. Which tavern, originally called the Bell in Hand, is the oldest in Philadelphia?

Street Map

3. What is the nickname for the section of Walnut Street between Broad and 21st Street?


4. Which is NOT true of the Hershey Chocolate Company?


5. Townsend Speakman is credited with inventing what in Philadelphia in 1807


6. In 2007, what did the city of Philadelphia ban?


7. Which Philadelphia resident is an Iron Chef?


8. Which restaurant, located in Independence National Historic Park, was an unofficial meeting place for the First Continental Congress?

Lunch bag

9. Which snack food is native to Philadelphia?


10. Philbert the Pig is the mascot for which foodie tourist destination?