Take the Providence, Rhode Island Foodie Quiz

Think you know the Providence food scene? Let's find out...
Providence Foodie Quiz

1. What is the official state drink of Rhode Island?

Italian Food

2. What is the name of the section of Providence known for its Italian cuisine?


3. How is "Rhode Island Style" calamari prepared?


4. What is the name of the famous frozen lemonade company?


5. Which local celebrity sells his own marinara sauce in grocery stores?


6. Which legendary restaurant's claim to fame is that it invented the wood-fired grilled pizza?


7. Providence is said to be the birthplace of the diner. What local diner has over 100 years of history?


8. Which Providence university is world renowned for its culinary program?

Downtown Providence

9. Providence has more of what per capita than any other city?


10. A "cabinet with jimmies" is another name for...