Take the San Francisco Foodie Quiz

How well do you know the San Francisco food scene? Let's find out...
San Francisco Foodie Quiz

1. The Buena Vista cafe is credited with introducing what in 1952?

Farmer's Market

2. Which landmark is home to the city's best known farmer's market?

Fortune Cookies

3. According to legend, where was the Fortune Cookie invented in 1909?


4. What is the name of San Francisco's oldest brewery, which opened in 1896?

Gold Mine

5. After failing as a prospector, Dominique Ghiradelli began selling what to gold miners?


6. Which bakery boasts a mother dough for sourdough french bread that is over 160 years old?


7. Which popular dessert treat originated in San Francisco in 1928?


8. Cioppino is an Italian-American dish that originated in San Francisco. What is it?


9. Which San Francisco Chef traveled to Japan to win the TV show Iron Chef in 1998?


10. What is the name of the salad dressing that was first made at The Palace Hotel in 1923 to honor actor George Arliss?