Take the Seattle Foodie Quiz

Think you know the Seattle food scene? Let's find out...
Seattle Foodie Quiz

1. What is notable about the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle?

Public Market

2. What is the name of Seattle's public market that is famous for its seafood?

Cured Meats

3. The father of which celebrity chef owns a cured meat shop in downtown Seattle?


4. Which coffee company is not from Seattle?


5. In 1952, the Rainier cherry was cultivated by crossing Bing cherries and Van cherries at which Seattle school?

Hot Dog

6. What toppings are served on Seattle-style hot dogs?


7. When President Barack Obama visited downtown Seattle in 2010, where did he stop for donuts?

James Beard

8. What Seattle Chef has won James Beard Awards for Best Northwest Chef, Best American Cookbook, and Best Restauranteur?


9. Which brewing company has its headquarters in Seattle?


10. Which breakfast dish was introduced by Manca's Cafe in the early 1900s?