The Block

The Block
  • “Run, ________, run!”
  • “Not eating ____ is a decision, eating ____ is an instinct.” -Dennis Leary
  • Location #2.
  • Alice loves Sam.
  • Jenny was here.
  • Grilled asparagus, local red romaine, grapefruit, aged asiago, spring garlic vinaigrette
  • Pan roasted butterfish, english peas, yellow wax beans, parsnip, fish fumet, pea shoots
  • Butcher’s plate, head cheese, chicken liver terrine, smoked duck ham, spicy mustard
  • Sous vide flank steak, braised shot rib & local radish salad, roasted leek & potato puree, bacon & sherry vinaigrette
  • Chocolate & bacon ice cream with pig candy (bacon almond brittle)

As intrepid guests found out 24 hours before the first St. Louis dinner, the restaurant of choice was The Block’s new location in the Central West End. I’m a big Block -WG fan, so the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with the newest addition to their restaurant family was a tremendous treat. My fellow guests were delightful company and Marc del Pietro out-did himself with the courses he and his crew presented. Although, note, the below menu isn’t really a reflection of the Block CWE’s current dinner menu–it was more a treat that we as Mystery Meet diners got to have. All of it was scrumptious. And if you’re an urbanite, city-dweller who can’t bear to make the trek to Webster Groves, get thee to The Block in the Central West End.

The Block

The Block

The Block

Ice Cream

All said and done, it was a lovely evening. Good food. Good conversation. New friends. We damn near closed the place down. If you have the chance to attend a Mystery Meet dinner, I highly recommend. Keep your eyes peeled.

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