2014 Food & Travel Expo: Edible Sessions

See the list of the Edible Sessions at the 2014 Taste Trekkers Food and Travel Expo in Providence, Rhode Island.

Photo by Ngoc Ngo

There will be 12 Edible Sessions on Saturday, October 4th at the 2014 Food & Travel Expo. These are 45-minute, expert-led, in-depth sessions that focus on a cuisine from a different region. In each session you, you will have the opportunity to sample cuisine. The sessions take place on the 17th and 18th floors of the Providence Biltmore.

Every Expo attendee will have the opportunity to attend three session (we run three rounds with four sessions each). When you purchase tickets, you will have the opportunity to select which sessions you would like to attend. We encourage you to buy tickets early to make sure that you are assigned to the sessions that you want.

How to Choose Your Sessions:

When you buy your tickets online, you will be asked which sessions you want to attend. If you bought your tickets early or won a pair of complimentary tickets, here is how you can choose your sessions:

  • You should have receive a confirmation email from our ticketing company, EZ Tix. In that email is a link that says "View Schedule."
  • Click on that link. At the bottom of the schedule page, you will see another link that says "Edit My Schedule."
  • Click on this link and you will be able to select your sessions.

11:00 am - Round One

Beyond the Falls: Wine and Food Adventure in Niagara

with Steven Lovelace and Kimberley Gunning, owners of Niagara Culinary Tours

Niagara is home to over 70 wineries, fabulous chefs and cold climate terroir all nestled amongst the Niagara escarpment. Steven and Kimberly will introduce you to a taste of VQA wines, let you know the best culinary events and give you an insiders view of why Niagara is positively a foodie's paradise.

Family, Prosciutto and Community: The Ballad of a Third Generation Ham Salesman

with Davide Dukcevich, Co-Owner of Daniele, Inc.

Davide Dukcevich joined his family business, Daniele, a decade ago. After a rocky start, he discovered zeal in his job thanks to the local food movement. Davide worked with family farms in New England to raise hogs for his charcuterie and hired RISD students to design a label for his "local line."

How to Taste and Pair Single-Origin Honeys

with Marina Marchese, President of Red Bee Honey and Founder of The American Honey Tasting Society

Join Marina for a guided tasting flight of five single-origin honeys. Learn how to taste honey and how floral source, climate and region affect a honeys color, aroma and flavor profiles.

Hear our Interview with Marina· 5 Questions with Marina

Maine: From Pasture to Plate

with Lisa Webster, Owner and Operator of North Star Sheep Farm and Jeff Landry, Product Specialist at Native Maine Produce and Specialty Foods

Through a discussion on the history of lamb production and a butchery demo highlighting whole animal utilization, Lisa and Chef Landry will explain how farmers and chefs work together to use all parts of the animal as it contributes economic and environmental sustainability within the supply chain.

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12:00 am - Round Two

Andean Cuisine

with Chef and Owner Cesin Curi of Los Andes

Bolivian and Peruvian chef Cesin Curi leads you on an exploration about Andean culture and cuisine. Learn the secrets of Causa Limena, a traditional South American dish with a rich history.

Hear our interview with Cesin

Auckland, New Zealand: Head Over Heels in Love

with Elle Armon-Jones, Founder, The Big Foody Food Tours

In 2003 Elle left the UK for six months to see the world. After spending five weeks travelling through the US on a Greyhound bus, she arrived in New Zealand to find herself falling head over heels in love with the cuisine. Hear how a love story was the start of her food tour company, The Big Foody.

Wine Tasting in Spain

with Tatiana Gana, Co-founder of Gastro-Tours

Planning a trip to Spain? Discover some of country's best wines and learn which regions to visit to experience both ancient and modern wine production.

Hear our interview with Tatiana

The Geography of Greek Food: Culinary Traditions of Cyclades Islands

with culinary and travel writer Thei Zervaki

Join Thei as you explore distinctive flavors, tastes and ingredients of the Cyclades like fava, the yellow split pea, capers, chickpeas, sweet tomatoes, cheeses and pastries not found in other parts of the country. Learn recipes recipes, taste samples, and experience highlights of Cyclades rich culinary history.

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1:00 pm - Round Three

The Flavors Of Miami

with Grace Della, Founder of Miami Culinary Tours

Contrary to common misperception, Miami is not all Latin Cuisine, and not all Latin Cuisine is Cuban. Grace guides you on a tour of Miami's street food and culture, including

Hear our interview with Grace · 5 Questions with Grace

New England: Hotbed of America’s Wood-Fired Oven Tradition

with Richard Miscovich, Associate Professor at Johnson & Wales University and Neil Rogers, Executive Chef at Volturno Pizza Napoletana

Join Neil Rogers and Richard Miscovich for an overview of wood-fired ovens and an exploration of their role in New England bakeries and pizzerias. This slideshow lecture illustrates different styles of ovens from around the world and explores how wood-fired ovens work.

Artisan Bread Making in Cape Cod

with Mario Mariani, General Manager of Pain D'Avignon

Join Mario as he shares his story of running the daily operations of Cape Cod's Pain D'Avignon Bakery, which bakes and distributes artisan breads throughout Southern New England.

A Guide to Vermont Food Adventures

with Tom Bivins, Executive Director of the Vermont Cheese Council and Sean Buchanan, Business Development for Black River Produce

Join Tom and Sean for a tasting tour of Vermont's culinary adventure opportunities. Sample a wide variety of artisanal products and learn about the people who make them.

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Published August 31st, 2014