How Coffee is Bringing a Historic Amarillo, Texas Theatre Back to Life

Check out this awesome Kickstarter project to bring a coffee house to the historic Paramount Theatre in Amarillo, Texas.

Patrick Burns

Taste Trekkers launched its Food & Travel Expo with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, so we like to give back by spotlighting other great food-related Kickstart projects. Patrick Burns loves being in the coffee industry. The only thing he loves more is his wife Krystal of 15 years, and their two boys, Kayden and Kyan. His goal is to prove that amazing things can come from small communities in middle America. We sat down to ask him a few questions...

1. What makes Palace different from other coffee shops?

Coffee Company is proud to be in the Panhandle of Texas. It is a common looked over part of Texas. Our heart is to prove that you can do amazing craft coffee in small market communities. We are able to keep our down home hospitality at the core of Palace while introducing customers to the art of specialty coffee. Our shops are set up for true community. We have big spaces with lots of seating to create an inviting area for people to stay and interact with each other and our staff.

2. Palace likes to set up shop in historic locations. Tell us about the location you've selected in Amarillo.

We are excited to open our new location in the iconic Paramount building. The Paramount Theatre operated out of that building from 1932 until the mid 1970’s. It was a big part of the downtown Amarillo culture and nightlife. There were many movie premieres at the Paramount over the years including “Boys Town” starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney. We are able to highlight the original terrazzo floors while featuring some storied photography of the downtown area.

3. Tell us about your primary roaster, Evocation Coffee Roasters.

We have been proud to feature Evocation Coffee Roasters ever since they opened their doors in March of 2012. They have been our

primary coffee roaster and it is not just because they are 10 miles away. Roman Leal has been roasting coffee on his Diedrich 7 kilo roaster since the young age of 17 when he convinced his father to buy him a commercial coffee roaster instead of a truck. That shows dedication from an early age.

From there, Roman practiced profiling coffees and becoming consistent from batch to batch. Evocation sources coffee through great companies like Cafe Imports, Keffa Coffee, Thrive Farmers, and more. He has made trips to origin countries to see first hand how coffee is grown and processed. They have supplied our baristas over the past few years during competitions where we have finished in the top six consistently in the South Central Brewers Cup and Barista Competition.


4. This is your second location; you have another in Canyon, Texas. Tell us about the history of Palace Coffee.

The Paramount Theater

Palace Coffee Company had their first customer July 1st, 2011. It has been a long dream of ours to create a community gathering place that served true craft coffee. While Canyon, TX seemed like an odd choice to outsiders; a town of 12,000 residents with a college of 9,000 students, it felt like the perfect choice to us. It was a empty market where we could create a culture all our own.

The town has supported our vision and Palace has seen growth year over year. Palace Coffee also believes in being a bigger part of the coffee community. It is with happy-heart, that Patrick created the Barista Throwdown League. A latte art series where baristas from the region come together to hang out and get their competitive juices flowing.

Patrick also helped with the inaugural US Latte Art Exhibition in Boston last year. This year, the competition became officially apart of the US Latte Art Championship sanctioned by World Coffee Events. The baristas of Palace also compete in regional and national barista competitions against some of the best baristas across the US.

5. You will have a coffee lab in the Amarillo location. What happens in a coffee lab?

The Palace Coffee Cappuccino

Our lab is the work room of Andrew McCaslin, our lead coffee educator and trainer. It is a small scale version of our bar area. It is here that we cup different coffees to decide what we are going to feature. We also train our new staff and continue the coffee education of our current baristas. In addition, we will hold small classes for customers who have been bitten by the coffee bug.

Published May 23rd, 2014