6 Photos from Photographer Donna Dufault's New Culinary Imaginings Exhibit

Donna Dufault's first photography exhibit, Culinary Imaginings, is at Krikorian Gallery in Worcester, Massachusetts. We invited her to share some photos.

Cocktail Shaker

Donna Dufault's first solo photography exhibit, Culinary Imaginings, is on display through February 27th at Krikorian Gallery in Worcester, Massachusetts. The show is free and open to the public. We invited Donna to tell us about some of the works that will be on display.

Tableware and utilitarian vessels for storage and transportation are found just about everywhere you go these days. I am drawn to photograph the glass versions I find in my travels. When I see them stacked, lined up and layered, the repetition allows me to see them in such a way they become layered and beautiful. There are lots of playful patterns of light, reflections, and glorious bokkeh. In taking the time to look at these glasses, the realization came to me, it is a wonderful way to see light. There are always interesting patterns and reflections and I, quite frankly, I just find them very alluring. While photographing in bars, kitchens, and other culinary spaces, I am always drawn to the stacks, lines, and repetition of these glasses. The colors always appear bright and quasi magical. I see bits of painterly compositions and patterns that appear only when the light hits the glass and reflects. There can be a great level of detail and yet it's mostly unfocused. I enjoy the interplay created by this light and reflections.

Culinary Imaginings is a show about the objects and tools you find in professional kitchens. The items used to make the food and drink you enjoy when dining out.

The first item is from a place in the north shore of Massachusetts called Alchemy. I found this beautiful cocktail shaker sitting under all the colored lighting on the bar there and it looked like a piece of grown up candy.

Not far from it were these little wine soldiers all lined up and waiting for the night to begin. The bar lights created beautiful colorful reflections throughout the glasses. Servers kept walking by, and all I could think was, they are missing this light show.

The harsh overhead lights of this kitchen at the Johnson and Wales culinary school in Rhode Island, was hitting this line up of ladles and the stainless steel soften it to pools of silvery light.

This whisk attachment on a very large mixer in the kitchen at Lattitude in Springfield, Massachusetts, was daring me to play with depth of field to hide is intended use. It’s long wires were gleaming at me saying it was ready to make something delicious.

There we also forks there that were cleaned and piled together. Some used for tasting moments in the kitchen and others delivered to tables for waiting diners.

And one of my favorite places in New England, The Bangor Bacon Club in Maine. This colorful line up of knives living on the wall was screaming to be documented in this bacon and pastrami filled kitchen.

Donna Dufault has BFA degree in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. She has been working, creating, and eating her way across all of New England as a commercial and editorial food and hospitality photographer. You can find her and her work through one of these three places: DonnaDufault.com, FoodiesofNewEngland.com, and ErbPhoto.com.

Published January 31st, 2016