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Check Out this Budding Brewery in Virginia Beach

Check out this great Kickstarter project for the Bold Mariner Brewing Company in Virginia Beach.

Michael Stacks

Michael Stacks is an active duty military service member with over 15 years in special operations. Originally from East Lansing Michigan, his career in the navy has brought him to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Michael started home brewing just before entering the military in 1998 and has continued brewing through out his time in the service.

1. What can you tell us about your Kickstarter project, The Bold Mariner Brewing company?

The Bold Mariner Brewing Company is a soon to open Veteran owned and operated microbrewery in Virginia Beach / Norfolk Virginia. It will provide traditional styles of quality craft beer to the area. We will create a sense of pride in our product that embodies our community and company.

We will initially produce three flagship beers. These beers will be offered year round along with a rotation of seasonal and special run recipes. Our line of beers will be available for purchase in our on premiss tap room as well as in local area restaurants.

Once open we will start brewing on a 15bbl brew house, initially we will produce only draft which will be available in our tap room and at local bars and restaurants. Once we are able we will start bottling to give you more options on where to find our delicious beers.

2. What will you use the money you spend on?

Donations will be used to purchase a portion of the following equipment:

  • 15 BBL brew house
  • 4 15 BBL fermenters
  • Securing our location
  • Construction of our taproom
  • Cold storage and kegs
  • Other miscellaneous equipment like pumps and brewers hose

3. How did you get your start in brewing craft beer?

I started helping my father who was also a home brewer, as a little kid I got to drop the sugar pills into the bottles then press the bottle caps on to them. After I joined the Navy I used to brew beer for the guys in my platoon. I have been doing that ever since.


4. Do you have any secret family recipes?

One, only its my Hot sauce for my chicken wings, not telling on that one. It goes great with our Golden Ale. haha. No I did not get any recipes passed down from my grandfather who was also a home brewer or my father. Home brewing has made such advancements in the last couple of years in what craft brewers know about the process. There are now many more companies that support home and small scale brewers.

What was the inspiration behind opening your brewery? First, Bells brewing! I grew up in East Lansing Michigan (Go Spartans) and Larry Bell had opened Bells, which is still one of my favorites. Opening a place of my own has been on my mind for years. More recently I would have to say that my two inspirations have been right here in Virginia, O'Connors brewing and Young Veterans Brewing Company. If you don't know about them get your self an El Guapo and a Semper FI.P.A.

5. What makes your homemade craft beer special?

Bold Hops

Its like your mom's chocolate chip cookies, sure you could go to the store and by something made by little elves who live in a tree but moms cookies taste so much better. Its the same when it comes to homemade craft beer; I care about every little detail from the ingredients to what I make it in and how long it stays at certain temperatures. In the end that taste just cant be matched its fresh because its made with love, like moms cookies.

Published July 17th, 2014