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Check out Colorado's Rocky Mountain Sriracha Sauce

See how these Colorado college students turned their Rocky Mountain Sriracha sauce into a Kicstarter project.

Patrick Wall

Taste Trekkers' Food & Travel Expo was born from a Kickstart campaign, so we like to give back by highlighting other great food and travel Kickstarter projects. Meet Patrick Wall. He is a senior marketing and management business student at Colorado Mesa University. He is raising funds to make Rocky Mountain Sriracha. We asked him a few questions about it...

1. What is Sriracha?

Sriracha is an Asian hot sauce that originated in the Eastern Thailand city of Si Racha.

2. Tell us about the history of Rocky Mountain Sriracha.

Rocky Mountain Sriracha started about 3 months ago when a local entrepreneur approached us in our entrepreneurship class. For a class project, we were required to come up with a start-up business and after meeting with the local entrepreneur, Chris Becker, we decided to go forward with Rocky Mountain Sriracha and attempt to get our sriracha sauce on the market, thus starting our kickstarter campaign.

3. What can you use to cook with it?

Rocky Mountain Sriracha goes great with various food types. Pizza, ramen, pitas, sandwiches, chips, chicken wings, macaroni, crab cakes, sushi, hummus, mixed with ranch, and crackers, just to name a few of our favorites!


4. Where do you source your ingredients from?

We currently get our organic garlic from HOBBS Family Farm in Avondale, Colorado, but the rest of our ingredients are from the local grocery stores. One of our team members is from New Mexico and has family that works on the chili farms in Hatch, New Mexico, and we are looking at growing our fresno peppers there in the future!

5. What is a Fresno pepper?

Rocky Mountain Sriracha

Fresno peppers are rare and known for their sweetness. They are of the species Capiscum annuum which are native of South America. They contain Capsaicin, which causes the pepper to be hot, and is an anti-inflammatory agent and acts as a natural pain reliever!

Published May 31st, 2014