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Check out this Awesome Cow-to-Cone Farm in New York

We love this great Kickstarter campaign for a cow-to-cone and cow-to-crust farm in upstate New York.

Jake & Karen Fairbairn

Jake & Karen Fairbairn own Lazy Crazy Acres Farm & Creamery in NY’s Catskill Mountains. Their slogan is, “We farm. We craft. You enjoy.” We asked them about their Kickstarter project to raise money for their farm...

1. You are raising money for the Lazy Crazy Acres family farm. Tell us about the history of the farm.

Our farm was purchased by Jake’s grandfather in 1931. Amazingly, he paid off the mortgage during the Great Depression with cauliflower sales. This is insanity as we are on the back side of a ski mountain with no flat land to speak of. Both Jake’s maternal and paternal sides have been farming this area for hundreds of years. The families have been dairying in the Catskills for generations. We are now diversified as we have cows, beefers, pigs, chickens and we tap a few thousand trees for maple syrup.

2. Your farm is "cow to cone." What is that?

Cow to cone means that we start making our gelato straight from the raw milk. When we started down this “value added” path we realized there was “homemade” and “from scratch”. Folks buy cake mix in a box, mix it up, throw it in the oven and you have a delicious “homemade” cake. Then there is one step further where you sift the flour, measure the cocoa and sugar, yadda yadda yadda and you make a delicious cake “from scratch”. We’re in the “from scratch” category. Lots of great farmstands and restaurants make “homemade” ice creams or gelatos and they use a purchased premade mix as their base. We make our own base mix and start straight from the cow.

3. You now want to go "cow to crust." What does that mean?

We want to make pizza out here on the farm for folks to come out and enjoy. We’ll be using ingredients from our farm as well as our friends farms. Every ingredient will be traceable – just like our gelato. Essentially, we were tired of doing five farmers markets each week. Tired of leaving the farm so much. We are not tired of seeing the people! So we want to invite them to come out here.


4. You are going to use the funds raised to build a pavilion so people can visit the farm. Tell us more about your vision.

It’s a multi-layered vision. We have a great space to host folks BUT it’s raw to the elements. It gets hot and rainy and uncomfortable. We’d like to offer a nice place for folks to come and relax. The space would also be able to be used for education programs. We work closely with the New York Watershed Agricultural Council and Cornell Cooperative Extension. Over the years we’ve hosted many events on topics such as grazing and bedded pack systems and this would allow us a nice space to expand the education aspect. My (Karen) background has been in directing youth programs. I want to utilize this space to host Children’s Nature Network events. We also will be able to utilize this space to store hay in the winter which would allow our animals more space in the Winter Barn.

5. Can you tell us about some of the other local food producers that provide ingredients for your ice cream and pizza?

Cow to Cone

In our gelato we use only NY grown fruits, honey, and maple. We get a bunch of our fruit from small family farms such as Migliorelli’s Farm (Tivoli, NY), Greig Farm (Red Hook, NY) and Wrights Farm (Gardiner, NY). Our honey comes from Ray Tousey who keeps bees down in Germantown, NY. Our maple comes mostly from our own sugar bush but when we run out we get maple from our friend Van down at Oliverea Schoolhouse Maple (Oliverea, NY). We use Tuthilltown Distillery spirits (Gardiner, NY) and Fruition “bean to bar” Chocolates (Shokan, NY).

For the pizza we plan to hit up a bunch of the dairy, produce and livestock producers we know. Produce will come from Straight Out of the Ground (Roxbury, NY), Migliorelli Farm (Tivoli, NY), and some from our own farm as well. We’ll use sausages from Catskill Food Company and Maple Shade Farms. We’ll be smoking our own meats as well. Cheeses from Dirty Girl Farm (Andes, NY), Betty Acres (Delhi, NY), Brovetto’s Farm (Harpersfield, NY)…. Oh and don’t forget the butter from Cowbella (Jefferson, NY).

These are all people we know really well. All folks we call friends. We know their farms and their practices. We’ll have many of their products for sale in our farm store as well.

Published May 15th, 2014