Chinese cooking techniques: fried rice and more

Traveling is the best way to get in touch with the local life of a foreign country. Probably, no other kind of experience can give you the same insight into the culture of a distant land.

However, in most western cities there are many restaurants inspired to foreign cooking and foods, such as Italian cooking or French cooking. Oriental cultures are also on the spot with their thousands Chinese or Korean restaurants.

Frying: a basic method

Many western people who tried some Chinese cooking often wonder why frying food is so popular all over the Chinese cooking. In fact, fried rice and fried meat and fish are the most popular foods to serve for a regular Chinese restaurant.

Chinese cooking is considered as a delicious combination of ingredients and colors of them. So, within the Chinese cooking it’s important to match the right colors of food according to the season or occasion.

Among the most frequent cooking methods there are the stir-frying, deep-frying, shallow-frying, braising, boiling , steaming and roasting. But frying is anyways the most common.

You can also think to learn how to cook a few Chinese dishes by visiting a cooking website or following the guidelines within a cooking book.

Today, the kitchen is the most pleasant and nice place of all the house for the sense of freedom you can experience by cooking.

A certain imagination and fantasy are necessary in order to create new dishes. You can experiment mixing food (as long as you have a good knowledge of their properties and chemical reactions!).

The kitchen: not only a wonderful place

However, the kitchen is also the most dangerous place of the house. Many people get burned by handling hot woks or by opening or closing their oven door.

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Published August 24th, 2013