Everybody's Talking about the 2014 Taste Trekkers Food & Travel Expo

What will happen at the 2014 Taste Trekkers Food & Travel Expo? Check out previews from The Providence Journal, TV MaitreD', The Rhode Show, and 630 WPRO-AM to find out!

The 2014 Taste Trekkers Food & Travel Expo is less than a week away, and everybody is talking about it! Here are some of the places where you can learn more about the Expo:

1. Read the preview in The Providence Journal

Food Editor Gail Ciampa of The Providence Journal wrote a great preview of the Expo for the food section of the Providence Journal.

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2. Watch the preview by TV MaitreD'

Joe Zito, host of the show TV MaitreD', also put together a preview of the Expo.

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3. Read about the Expo on the Eat Drink RI blog

An interview with Taste Trekkers Founder Seth Resler can be found on Davide Dadekian's blog about the Rhode Island food scene.

Read the Interview

4. See Davide Dukceviche of Daniele Foods on The Rhode Show

Davide Dukcevich, founder of Daniele Foods, is returning to speak at the Expo this year. He was on The Rhode Show on Fox Providence to preview the event.

5. Hear Taste Trekkers founder Seth Resler on 630 WPRO-AM

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Published September 25th, 2014