The Great Northeast Brewery Tour

Experience New England and the Mid-Atlantic United States in the most enjoyable way possible: craft breweries.

Offer: 0760344485 Experience New England and the Mid-Atlantic United States in the most enjoyable way possible: by learning all about the region's most creative and fascinating craft breweries.

The Northeast -- from New England to the Mid-Atlantic - boasts some of America's most interesting craft breweries. There, beer lovers can discover exceptional brews, lively taprooms, spectacular views, and many other qualities that make the Northeast a must-visit region for anyone interested in craft brewing. In The Great Northeast Brewery Tour, beer expert Ben Keene introduces readers to sixty two of the most incredible breweries in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. Breweries like Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine, and Smuttynose Brewing Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, allow visitors to tour the facilities, offering an inside look at how great beers are created.

Each brewery discussed is unique and special, much like the region's brewing heritage. Brewery profiles include interesting facts about each brewery and its history, along with useful practical information like directions, nearby accommodations, and local dining options that highlight craft beer. Spectacular full-color photography accompanies each profile, and sidebars throughout the text provide supplementary information on tasting methods, beer styles, and more. The Great Northeast Brewery Tour is an ideal resource for anyone interested in beer, whether you're planning a trip across the Northeast or simply curious to learn more about the region's innovative beer scene.

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Offer: 0760344485  

Published June 15th, 2014