Ideas For Entertaining Charity Events

Are you looking forward to organizing a charitable event to raise money for a cause you strongly believe in? Why not opt for some fun, memorable ideas for your event? Instead of the classic, but often times boring types of charity events you might have attended yourself over the course of years, you should consider some engaging ones to keep your guests well-entertained and stimulated to make more donations. Fortune cookies, lottery, or bingo charity nights are a few of the ideas we have come up with for you.

Charity Bingo Night

It is an excellent social event meant to help you raise money while keeping people entertained, especially if you are interested in organizing a rather selective charity event with elder contributors whose passion might just be the game of bingo. You can set certain price ranges for the tickets and send the money to your charity fund.

Fortune Cookies Charity Night

You can use fortune cookies as a fun way of raising funds and making your cause more known to the public. They are simple to make (order), tasty, and popular, and you could be scheduling your even while keeping an eye on the important Chinese calendar events, so you can give even more meaning to your event. You can also sell them and raise money- remember to dress up for the occasion when handing out the fortune cookies on some nice platters.

Lottery Charity Events

You can use an online lottery site such as, purchase lottery tickets for your guests and let each of them draw their printed tickets for a chance to win the big jackpot for the game they chose to play. Establish fixed prices for each lottery game category and have your guests purchase as many for your good cause. They will be leaving home with a ticket in their pocket – a ticket that could be making them extremely rich in a few days- the MegaMillions jackpot is worth $136,000,000 at the time we wrote this blog!


Published August 25th, 2013