This month's Unknown Gastronome is a local entrepreneur who has launched numerous culinary endeavors in an attempt to bring new and exciting experiences to the Boston food scene.

How did you get started in the culinary industry?

I have been an entrepreneur since I was very young and I have always loved food. This combination has come together a few times with my first business, Mystery Cafe, a murder mystery dinner theater to Comedy Theater Productions providing entertainment for companies during dinner, and more recently Boston & DC ________ Tours and School and most recently, ________ in the ______.

Tell us about the different jobs you've had over the years. How much time do you have?

I have had some great jobs that all seemed to lead to where I am now. My first job out of college was the sales rep for something called the Boston Bar Book. This was a coupon book for a Free Drink in over 300 bars around Boston. When the Happy Hour law came into effect, it put me out of a job.

My favorite job and my last job (since I started my own businesses) was working for a company called Learning Adventure. It was a adult/education and recreation program offering anything from Barhopping: Boston's Sleaziest Bars to rafting and skiing and 100 other short classes and events.

What is your organization known for?

Quality - it all starts and ends with that. Quality brings repeat business. Nowadays you can't afford to do poor work as the world is watching on social media. There is very little room for error and lots of room to create and innovate and develop new ideas so Innovation is probably the next, Integrity and Fun.

What projects have you been working on lately?

_________ in the ______ has been my most recent project and that has been personally satisfying as I took it outside of the company to develop on my own, with my own ideas and the talent I have chosen.

Published June 6th, 2011