Restaurant Zoë

Mystery Meet headed over to Restaurant Zoë for a great meal with new friends.

Restaurant Zoë



  • This Washington neighborhood has less partisan gridlock than its Washington namesake.
  • Originally in Belltown.
  • In Vogue.
  • Chef “That Was Easy.”
  • Poturu, Poturujara, or Buré.


  • Smoked char with creme fresh and chilled pea soup
  • Salmon served with baby summer squash and red pepper purée
  • Dessert - Creme caramel with chocolate

Hi! My name is Mike Christensen, and I'm a software engineer in Redmond, WA. In my spare time, I run a website called that allows people to find recipes, organize recipes into menus, and figure out what they can make from the ingredients they have on hand.

I'm also a foodie, which is why I decided to host this month's Mystery Meet in Seattle. We went to Restaurant Zoë, which has been one of my favorite local restaurants since I discovered them through Dine Around Seattle.

Smoked char with creme fresh and chilled pea soup: We started off with smoked char with crème fresh and chilled pea soup, which was absolutely amazing. I usually don’t like chilled soups, but this worked very well and the slight hint of creme added a lot to the flavor.

Salmon served with baby summer squash and red pepper purée: The main course was salmon, served with baby summer squash and a red pepper purée. Also delightful. I found the salmon perfectly cooked, which I’m a bit picky on. Plus or minus thirty seconds can sometimes make or break a salmon dish, in my opinion.

Dessert - Creme caramel with chocolate: Dessert was a crème caramel with chocolate, which was the perfect finale to this amazing dinner.

Everyone seemed to get along quite well. There was much talk about food, travel, and life in general.

As always, the wait staff provided excellent service and explained each dish in detail. This is, of course, a requirement when you dine with a bunch of foodies. Alternate entrées were also provided for those at the table who couldn't eat seafood, wheat or dairy. If you live in Seattle (or find yourself in the Seattle area), I’d definitely recommend checking out Restaurant Zoë. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time, just as I did!

Published June 24th, 2013