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We love this Kickstarter for a Denver Desserts Truck

Check out this great Kickstarter project for foodies: The Bumblebee Dessert Truck in Denver, Colorado.

Bumblebee Desserts

Taste Trekkers was born from a Kickstarter campaign, so we know first-hand what a difference a successful campaign can mean to a budding entrepreneur. So we like to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite food and travel-related Kickstarter projects from other people. We asked Lora Kleinwachter of Denver, Colorado, a few questions about her project, The Bumblebee.

1. You are raising funds to launch the Bumblebee. What is The Bumblebee?

The Bumblebee is a Denver-based dessert truck serving treats inspired by traditional french pastry and classic american desserts. The truck itself is a 1962 Chevy delivery van, and its soft round corners and infectious charm make it the perfect fit for The Bumblebee.

2. What types of pastries will the Bumblebee offer?

The Bumblebee will offer a variety of seasonal pastries that blend french pastry techniques and elegance with wholesome retro american desserts. These from-scratch goodies are both nostalgic and new, and the fresh ingredients give them depth and brightness. With changing menus that include things like sandwich cookies, pound cake, layered bombes, and handmade candy, there's always something for everyone.

3. You are trained in French pastry. Tell us about your baking history.

I've enjoyed baking my whole life, and after college decided to pursue it on a professional level. I was lucky enough to get a job at Denver Bread Company, where I was trained by Greg Bortz, the owner and bread genius. I learned so much from him about bread, the importance of ingredients, and how to work a proper kitchen, but most importantly I learned how incredible it could be to bake professionally.

This inspired me to follow by true passion of desserts, and I went to France for a year to study pastry. Half I spent in an extensive program in Yssingeaux, and the other half I spent in Paris where I completed my internship and visited every patisserie I could. I was so inspired by how much I had learned, seen, and eaten, and was looking forward to pursuing this dream further.

I returned to Denver and worked at D Bar Desserts as pastry chef. I enjoyed the fast paced environment and fun desserts, but knew that I really wanted to do something of my own. While planning my wedding I came up with the idea of a dessert truck, because there wasn't any out there that were dainty and cute while offering a variety of sweets. I would have loved to have one at my own wedding, so why not start one myself?


4. You are raising money for a food truck in Denver. What it the food truck scene like in Denver?

The food truck scene in Denver is quite fast growing. It seems like so many chefs are moving to this city from all over the country, and with food trucks being a great way to do your own thing while avoiding the cost of opening a restaurant, it makes sense that so many amazing chefs are choosing to start food trucks! There's a great diversity and some of the best food in the city. The summer is teeming with food truck events and the public's response has been extremely positive. But even with all of this success, the dessert truck scene is still quite small. The Bumblebee will certainly offer a different and fun experience to the food truck scene here in Denver.

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5. If you reach your goal, what will you use the funds for?

Lora Kleinwachter

The Kickstarter funds will go towards fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards, retrofitting The Bumblebee truck, and initial start-up costs.

Published May 9th, 2014