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Mumbai Chopstix

At our final Mystery Meet of 2010, nearly 30 passionate foodies gathered to try the Indo-Chinese fusion restaurant Mumbai Chopstix. With beautiful decor, our own sitar player and a private room overlooking Newbury Street, we sat down for an adventurous meal from Chef Ranveer Brar.

Where East Meet East

December brought our final Mystery Meet of 2010, as nearly 30 passionate foodies gathered to try the Indo-Chinese fusion restaurant Mumbai Chopstix. The clues leading up to the event were tougher this time:

  • This restaurant opened its doors earlier this year.
  • Where East meets East.
  • This restaurant recently got a new chef.
  • Michael Penn's wife used to work as a cashier down the street.
  • Piano waltz from Bombay.

Michael Penn (who sang the early 90's hit "No Myth") is married to singer-songwriter Aimee Mann, who grew up in Boston and was once a cashier at the original Newbury Comics location on Newbury Street. Bombay is, of course, another name for the city of Mumbai, and "Chopsticks" is the famous two-fingered piano waltz (or two feet, if you're Tom Hanks in Big).

Mumbai Chopstix opened this summer in the former Jewel of Newbury Hotel. (The restaurant is in the process of renovating the rooms upstairs.) It is owned by One World Cuisine, which runs a number of Indian-themed restaurants throughout the Boston area, including Bukhara Indian Bistro, Cafe of India, Diva, Kashmir, Mantra and Mela.

Chef Ranveer Brar

Early reviews for the restaurant were mediocre, but we knew that they had recently brought in new management and a new chef, and we were so intrigued by the concept of Indo-Chinese fusion that we had to check it out. One World Cuisine's corporate chef, Ranveer Brar, who hails from New Delhi, was on hand to personally oversee the kitchen.

Foodies at Mumbai Chopstix
Table of Spices
More Foodies
Mumbai Chopstix Decor
Sitar Player

We packed the private room upstairs. It was beautifully lit in red, with half of the foodies seated at a table filled with Eastern spices. A sitar player soothed our ears with music during the meal.

Chinese Chat: Indian Street Food

The meal began with an appetizer called Chinese Chat, which the menu described as "authentic Indian Street Food, rice puffs with onion, yoghurt & crisp-tangy, sweet & savory."

Hot & Sour Soup
Cauli Flower

This was followed with the second course, in which everybody was served Hot & Sour Soup, "a spci desi szechwan broth with a hint of Garum Masala." Some foodies were served Chicken 65, "stir fried chicken cubes with curry leaf and dried chillies." Other were served cauliflower prepared in a similar manner.

Crispy Fried Tilapia
American Chop Suey

For the third course, foodies were given a choice between Crispy Tilapia, a "tilapia filet marinated & fried with a garlic or chili sauce," and Mini American Chop Suey (chicken or veggie), "crispy fried noodles with vegetables in sweet & sour sauce."

Chocolate Mouse Cake with Date Pancake

For dessert, we were treated to a Chocolate Mouse Cake topped off with a Date Pancake.

Overlooking Newbury Street

A number of bloggers were on hand for the event. Here are their reviews:

Special thanks to Chef Ranveer Brar, Sam Sokol of One World Cuisine, Chris Lyons, our waitstaff and all of the foodies who joined us for our final Mystery Meet of 2010!

Published December 21st, 2010