My First Food Tour Experience

Lexi Bohigian describes the first time she took a food tour in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Food Tour

I’m sure you will all agree that the best part of any vacation is the food. Whenever I am exploring a new city, the main concern revolves around where I will get my next meal. In my book, food is the best way to get to know the city, its culture, and its history. Unfortunately, when I am confined by a weekend to explore an entire city – I often find myself wishing there was just more time (and room in my stomach) to eat!

Alas, I found the answer to my prayers: A food tour. Maybe I have been living in a bubble for the past 23 years, but I didn’t even know this was a thing. If you’re clueless like myself, a food tour is a guided tour through a city revolving around different eateries. So, not only do you get a tour of the city, but you also get tastings at the best restaurants in the city. It’s a win-win.

When I was researching things to do in Dallas, one of the first activities I came across was a food tour by Food Tours of America. (Thanks to the awesome food tour search tool on Taste Trekkers). I immediately signed up for the JFK Dine and Dealey tour for the dates I would be in town. They had a ton of choices, but as a history and food buff - this one was definitely my cup of tea. Here’s what happened:

I arrived in Downtown Dallas to meet our tour guide. The tour guide was an actual historian and Dallas local. He took us on a walking tour, where our small group experienced sites like the JFK Memorial Plaza, the Grassy Knoll assassination site, the sniper perch window, and views of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The tour guide told us we would be walking about 1.5 miles, so make sure you are ready to work up an appetite! The history and architecture portion of the tour lasted about an hour.

Next, we took a ride to Uptown Dallas on the DART. Fare to and from Uptown was included in the price of the tour ($65) so it was nice not having to worry about buying tickets. This is where the food portion of the food tour began - thank goodness because I was starving! I didn’t know what to expect for the food tour, Would it be enough food? Would the food be any good? Will I be surrounded by a bunch of food snobs? TLDR: Yes. Yes. No.

Once we arrived in West Village, the eating began! I also found out that this portion of the tour is the same as their West Village Restaurant Hop tour, so I suppose this is ideal for those that could do without the walking and history of the tour I went on. Anyways, our group (about 10 of us) went to a few restaurants and casual eateries for tastings. When I say “tasting”, let me tell ya, these were quite generous! I could barely get through the dessert portion of the tour. It was definitely enough food to replace lunch or dinner. I have heard that the restaurants and eateries they visit vary each tour, but they definitely will not do you wrong. SO good. I loved that we tasted such a variety of dishes and foods. I also loved that it wasn’t pretentious. The entire group – including the tour guide- was a fun bunch looking to taste some good food.

For anyone looking for a food tour experience in Dallas, Food Tours Of America is definitely the way to go. It was a fun and quick way to get a taste (literally) of the history of Dallas. When you book online, you can pre-pay for drink pairings and add gratuity for your tour guide. The whole process was smooth and easy, and I seriously can’t wait for my next one.

Published June 13th, 2016