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Philadelphia Needs More Artisan Breweries. You Can Help.

Sean and Andy Arsenault are small of artisan brewer, dedicated to restoring the rich brewing heritage of Philadelphia. And they need your help.

Sean & Andy Arsenault

Taste Trekkers was able to launch its Food & Travel Expo through supporters of our Kickstarter project. For that reason, we like to return the favor by shining a spotlight on other great food-related Kickstarter projects.

Sean and Andy Arsenault are part of a small family of artisan brewers, dedicated to hand crafting distinct, style-bending ales using only simple and pure means while restoring the rich brewing heritage of Philadelphia. They are raising money for their brewery on Kickstarter. We asked them a few questions about their project...

1. Tell us about your Kickstarter project.

We’re calling on all backers with a strong thirst for locally made dry, hop forward Belgian style ales. In return, we have a smorgasbord of super sweet rewards. Some of the rewards include the following:

  • Coffee infused beer collaboration with GreenStreet Coffee Roasters. This reward includes a tour and cupping at GreenStreet's roasting facility where you will select the bean (or blend of beans) that will ultimately end up in the beer followed by the actual brewing of the beer at our brewing facility in Philadelphia. You will also be in charge of creating the actual beer so creative minds are most definitely welcome. We're all pretty stoked about this collaboration.
  • Ice cream beer collaboration with Little Baby’s Ice Cream. What we have here is a beer infused ice cream collaboration with those wild and wacky dudes over at Little Baby’s Ice Cream. This reward will include a meeting of the minds between Brewery ARS, Little Baby’s, and a select few backers where we will throw our inhibitions to the wind, drink way too much beer and eat way too much ice cream. Once we have decided upon the recipe, we will head over to Little Baby’s world headquarters in East Kensington, roll up our sleeves, and churn out some serious goodness. Each backer will be handsomely rewarded with 2 pints of the collaboration ice cream.
  • ‘T Gaverhopke collaboration. We’re offering a once in a life time opportunity to create a beer together with ‘T Gaverhopke, one of the best breweries in the world. Yes, the world. It’s a bold statement, but if you’ve ever had their extra, then you’re probably singing the same tune as us. ‘T Gaverhopke will join us in Philadelphia for one grand Belgo-American collaboration beer. Each backer will walk away with two growlers of the collaboration beer along with some serious bragging rights that you made a beer with one of the best breweries in the world.

2. What is artisan beer, and how did you get started in making it?

It is our philosophy at Brewery ARS that creating high quality artisan beer can only be produced using the highest quality raw materials, respect for traditional brewing methods and time.

We will never filter or centrifuge our beer. Filtering or centrifuging results in a clearer beer, but it strips the beer of flavor. Our beer is cleared naturally through an extended cold storage (lagering) period.

We will never pasteurize our beer. Pasteurization is a technique in which beer is heated at elevated temperatures in order to extend the shelf life of the beer. Pasteurization is completely unnecessary and should never be utilized during the beer making process.

We will only use whole flower hops. Whole flower hops act as a natural filtering aid and they also provide a texture and complexity to the beer that can’t be matched by hop pellets and hop extracts.

3. Philly is known for some iconic foods including the famous Philly cheesesteak - what gave you the idea to start a brewery in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has such a rich brewing history, hosts the most dynamic beer week, brands itself as “America’s best beer drinking city”, and yet has only a handful of breweries within the city proper. Philadelphia deserves more great breweries! Speaking of cheesesteaks, we’ve actually brewed a cheesesteak inspired beer. We added dried portabella mushrooms to mimic the steak, miso for the cheese flavor, and onion powder for the onion flavor. It was probably the strangest beer we’ve ever made, but it was actually quite tasty. We won’t be going into commercial production with that beer any time soon.


4. What types of beers will you brew?

We love to brew (and drink!) dry, highly aromatic and yeast forward ales. All of our recipes are created with the yeast selection in mind first and then we layer from there. Some of our beers include the following:

  • Starving Artist: a hop forward, bitter, & funky saison
  • Antique'n: a single hopped Simcoe saison
  • Heirloom: a hop forward wheat grisette
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate Stout (not yeast forward at all, but rather an idea we had to put into liquid form)

5. How much are you trying to raise, and what will you use the money for if you succeed?

We are trying to raise $30,000 so that we can purchase four 10-barrel fermentation tanks so that we can start brewing a plethora of unique ales.

Published April 5th, 2015