Podcast Episode 78: Macedonia and the Slow Food Movement

Stephanie Georgieff from the Real Food Empire podcast joins us to talk about the Slow Food Movement and Macedonia.

No Place Like Home

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Stephanie Georgieff

In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast, Stephanie Georgieff from the Real Food Empire radio podcast joins us to talk about the Slow Food Movement and Macedonia. We discuss food activism, GMO labeling initiatives, and the origin of pizza.

  • Listen to the Real Food Empire podcast or visit Stephanie's website.
  • The Slow Food movement began in Italy in the 1980's and now includes about 150 countries.
  • Check out Slow Foods Redlands or find your local chapter: worldwide or within the United States
  • The Slow Food organization worked with their local legislators to develop the latest US Farm Bill.
  • Macedonia is an ancient region that became an independent Baltic nation in the 1990's.
  • The food of Macedonia is similar to Greek and Turkish, with the notable addition of chilies and specialty regional condiments like wild fig slatko and chestnut honey.
Welcome to Macedonia
  • Start your tour in the capital city of Skopje and visit the Old Bazaar.
  • Visit the Ethno Village in Berovo Mountain Region. Order the koftka (mixed grill) at the Hotel Monestir
  • Go to an open air market in Prilep or Bitola and try pepper powders and salts flavored with local herbs at the village spice merchants. Sample feta and kaskaval at the local cheese monger or taste sarma at one of the restaurants.
  • Take a tour with Stephanie and Taste of Macedonia. Explore the cheeses of Macedonia this October.
  • Try the regional coffees.
No Place Like Home

Food for Thought:

  • Q: How did the Italian's learn to make pizza?
  • A: Italians learned to make yeasted breads in Macedonia when Rome invaded to overthrow Alexander the Great.

Out of the Frying Pan Picks:

Macedonia Cheeses
  • Favorite Neighborhood in Skopje: Old Bazaar
  • Favorite Regions to Explore: Berovo, Lake Ohrid, and Bitola
  • Favorite Cheeses: Cow's Milk Kashkaval and the Sheep's Milk White Cheese
  • Favorite Dessert: Three Milk Cake from Bitola or Baklava made from Honey

Published March 28th, 2014