Squid Ink QR Code

Hosted by Micael Clayton of Trace and Trust, Inc.

In March 2011, Fisherman Steve Arnold from Point Judith and Chef Jose Duarte of Taranta in Boston broke new ground in the culinary space at the New England Food Show when Chef Jose used a silk screen to make a squid ink QR code that took users to Trace and Trust® and to a web page that displayed the fisherman, location, date and species landed. Since then, many in the seafood space have followed – adding QR codes to their packages, to their websites and to their invoices. On September 21, 2013, Trace and Trust® will move far beyond QR codes. Its chef, fisherman and farmer partners will wow people with a fun competition that uses creativity and new technologies to generate memorable connections between the guest and the people who provide the food. We will pair a chef from Boston, a chef from Providence and a chef from Westerly with a farmer, an oyster grower and a fisherman – and the audience will get both to taste their creations and to choose which innovation is most exciting!

  • Fisherman Steve Arnold (Point Judith)
  • Chef Jose Duarte of Taranta (Boston)
  • Farmer Charlie Rowland (Oxford, CT)
  • Chef Jeanne Rowland of Ella’s (Westerly)
  • Chef Dave Johnson, Local 121 (Providence)
  • Oyster Farmer Bill Doyle, Plymouth Rock Oysters (Plymouth, MA)

Published March 20th, 2013