We've assembled twelve fantastic session focusing on different regions around the world, from Memphis to Madagascar and from Vermont to Peru. Our sessions are led by chefs, farmers, brewers, food tour operators and culinary instructors from all over the country. Every conference attendee will have the opportunity to attend three sessions. Purchase your ticket before September 12th and you will have the opportunity to tell us which session you'd like to be assigned to.

L'Apogee 18

Renaissance Room

Salon 2

Salon 6


Peruvian Ceviche and Causa Limena

Taste the Terroir of American Honey

From Farm to Table: The Trace and Trust Story

New England Lamb Butcher Demo


New England: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

Memphis: BBQ and Beyond

Dry-Cured for Three Generations: A Family’s Journey in Charcuterie

Durham, North Carolina: Integrity Tastes Good


Do Something Delicious: Discover Ontario!

The Story of Vermont Ice Cider: A Tasting and Pairing

Before There Were Food Trucks, There Were Lunch Wagons

The Chocolate of Madagascar

Published March 20th, 2013