Temple Bar

We journeyed to Cambridge for our first vegetarian Mystery Meet dinner.

Temple Bar



  • This is NOT a vegetarian restaurant.
  • The oldest is in Turkey
  • Eyes are smiling
  • Dublin ‘hood


  • Vegetarian Board
  • Spring Vegetable Salad
  • Panko-crusted Lentil Cake

I'm Michelle Collins, and I'm a freelance food writer and blogger based just outside of Boston. I blog over at www.TheEconomicalEater.com.

I live only a few blocks away from Temple Bar, and I am there dangerously often. They have a great outdoor patio and bar area, and their chef makes amazing vegetarian food. Their bartender also makes great cocktails, if that's your thing.

Vegetarian Board: This vegetarian-friendly charcuterie board consisted of Parmesan-crusted amaranth cakes, romesco, white bean salad, spicy eggplant caviar, pickled mushrooms, and pita chips.

Panko-crusted Lentil Cake: The heavily spiced cake was served with cumin-spiced carrots, sesame-seeded spinach, harissa yogurt, and lemon-tahini sauce.

There were about 10 diners total - attorneys, foodies, journalists, and bloggers, to name a few.

We had a great, outgoing group of people at this dinner, and everyone enjoyed a delicious, meatless meal. Thanks again to Temple Bar for having us, and to Mystery Meet for giving me the opportunity to host such a fun event!

Published May 23rd, 2013