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What Foodies Are Saying About Mystery Meet Dinners

"What a concept! Combine social media and networking with foodies and end up with an event at a restaurant. [T>his is Boston and Mystery Meet is the new frontier in the internet food scene here. The premise of Mystery Meet is simple – contact foodies through email and Twitter and announce a date for a tasting event. Then, closer to the date, announce the location. People show up and have a great time. And we did." -Glenn of the Wine Dine with Us blog

"One of the more interesting concepts...a site that aims to help foodies group up to check out a new Boston restaurant once a month." -Boston.com

"I had a wonderful time at Mystery Meet. The only thing better than the meal was the company." -Michelle of the Fun and Fearless in Beantown blog

"I love what you do." -Christopher Myers, co-owner of Myers + Chang

"I had a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to the next Mystery Meet dinner!" -Megan of the Delicious Dishings blog

"Founded by Seth Resler, the Mystery Meet is a fabulous way to meet local foodies and try different restaurants. Super idea! Great execution! Thanks for a fun evening!" -Katrin of the Wine Dine with Us blog

"A big thanks to Seth for his successful efforts in gathering us in such a unique and intriguing manner. Can't wait to see where next months Mystery Meet will be held!" -Daisy of the Indulge Inspire Imbibe blog

"It was a pleasure spending time with some fellow food bloggers, most of whom I had never met in real life, and I look forward to the next Mystery Meet." -Rachel of the Fork It Over, Boston! blog

"Thanks for hosting such a fun kickoff event! Mystery Meet is such a great idea." -Meghan of the Travel Eat Love blog

"I really enjoyed the Mystery Meet dinner and I’m looking forward to attending a few others in the future. What a fun way to bring people together!" -Bianca of the Confessions of a Chocaholic blog

"A shout out to Seth for thinking of such an interesting/cool/fun concept!" -Joyce of the Boston Chomper blog

"I had a blast meeting some new bloggers and Bostonians who love food as much as I do." -Jen from the Beantown Baker blog

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Published July 14th, 2010