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Tex/Mex + Italian = Texitalican: Check Out This Foodie Kickstarter Project from Austin

Check out this Kickstarter project from Austin, Texas, that combines Tex-Mex and Italian dishes.

Anthony Gioutsos

The Food and Expo of Taste Trekkers was made possible by a Kickstarter campaign, and to give back, we like to feature upcoming awesome Kickstarter projects, like this one...

Meet Anthony Gioutsos, who hails from the great state of Michigan. He was raised outside of Detroit by his Polish mother and Greek father. They taught him not only how to be a good person, but how to dream big and that dream is the one I'm following.

1. Tell us a little about the history of this creative name!

Gibroni's is kind of a slang term used in the northeast. Some would say it's mainly used by Italians, but I've heard all sorts of people use the term from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to Charlie on Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It means "a**hole," quite literally, but that's not who were trying to be. Well, at least not 100% of the time. So, with Tony rhyming with Gibroni we kind of thought it was a natural fit. And I mean, we are mixing Tex/Mex ingredients with Italian ingredients so, I guess in most Italian households that act alone would consider me to be true Gibroni.

2. What is a green hatch chili?

Green hatch chili's are chili's from the Hatch Valley north of the Rio Grande in New Mexico. This is the only true Hatch chili region. Other varieties include Anaheim peppers.

3. Do all your dishes incorporate the Texitalican name?

All of our dishes are truly TexItalican. We use ingredients from Italy, Mexico and Texas in all of our dishes.


4. Where do you purchase your fresh produce from?


Our fresh produce we get from Johnson's Backyard Garden or any of the SFC Farmers markets here in town. The tomatoes come in cans which are from the San Marzano region in Italy.

5. How do you come up with some of these dishes?

Gibroni's Sugar Skull

We get drunk and start mixing stuff together like most people do. I'm just kidding. Sort of. My wife and I spent a month in Sayulita, Mexico and while we were there we literally had the best Italian food ever. Some of the dishes included Mexican ingredients. That always stuck with me. Once we moved to Austin and saw what an awesome food truck culture they had the wheels just started churning and the dishes just came to me as I day dreamed about that unbelievable Italian food we had in Mexico.

Published June 14th, 2014