The Texas Food Bible

Dean Fearing takes the reader through Texas culinary heritage, the classic preparations involved, and the expansion and fusion of the foods that have combined to develop an original Southwestern cuisine.

Offer: 1455574309 The Texas Food Bible is a timeless, authentic resource for the home cook-a collection of the traditional and the contemporary recipes from Texas.

Recipes range from the classics through Dean's personal favorites, old and new. A bit of regional history takes the reader from fry bread to butternut squash spoonbread, from tacos to duck "carnita" quesadillas. Simple taco and salsa recipes have a starred place right beside the culinary treasures that make Dean's cooking internationally-known. Step-by-step methods and techniques for grilling, smoking, braising, and baking in the Southwestern manner are detailed in the book. In addition, there are comments and stories from many of the other contributors to the evolution of Southwest cuisine, such as Robert del Grande, Mark Miller, Stephen Pyles, and Paula Lambert among many others. The recipes are accompanied by more than 150 photographs covering both finished dishes and step-by-step techniques, ranging from simple preparations to the some of the complex dishes that have identified Dean Fearing's signature dishes.

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Published June 15th, 2014