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5 Reasons Why You Should Go to the LifeWise Oregon Berry Festival

Are you a foodie traveling to Portland, Oregon? You will definitely want to check out the LifeWise Oregon Berry Festival.

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LifeWise Oregon Berry Festival

July 18th, 2014

Ecotrust Event Space in Portland, Oregon

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We’ve been called one of the “top ten summer festivals” by Sunset magazine for the second year in a row and there’s a number of great reasons for that. Portland, Oregon’s food scene, is legendary across the U.S. with more James Beard award winners and Food & Wine Best Chef awards than you can shake a stick at. Why are our chefs so lauded, you might ask? Simply put it’s the great produce available to them grown right here in Oregon, and delectable berries are one of the foods that has put Portland on the map since it was known as Stumptown.

1. Oregon is the nation’s #1 producer of blackberries. And marionberries. And black raspberries. And loganberries. And boysenberries...

Oregon Marionberries

We also grow lots of raspberries, three varieties come to mind, black, golden and red with other quirky types like the secretive white raspberry. Blueberries in Oregon are not to be missed from the tiny muffin sized berries to giant beauties that just beg to be popped in your mouth. If strawberries are your fantasy food favorite Oregon has the most succulent, red all the way through and so sweet there is no need for any thing on them. Hood strawberries are the stuff of legend in these parts. If tart is what you crave Oregon has made a name for itself with cranberries from the southern part of the state that make the richest sauce, the brightest juices and the best candy ever! If we missed a berry don’t worry those will be at the festival as well, just look over at the next booth.

2. In fact, we have more fresh berries in one place than you will see anywhere else.

So many Oregon berries, so little time!

We don’t want to brag, but if you love berries, and let’s face it who doesn’t, we have just about every incarnation of berries and berry items you could desire. If you are looking for the berry that will be the hit of your next dinner party that no else has heard of before we have it….maybe a Tayberry or perhaps a pint of Ollalieberries? Oh the decisions, you might have to taste for an hour or so and then choose.

3. You'll find everything from berry candy to berry whiskey.

Red Raspberry Vodka

Looking for a great gift or something new for your pantry to spice up summer dishes, it’s here. The line for tasting the Red Raspberry Vodka from Wild Roots, a locavore distillery, was long last year, but no worries they have come up with a Marionberry vodka this year so you can have two luscious sips for the same wait! If spirits are out for you we have the freshest pressed juice with berry flavor combos that will amaze. And oh did we mention that Salt and Straw, the premier ice cream shop in Portland, will be there with flavors like Strawberry with Cilantro Lime Cheesecake and Goat Cheese Marionberry Habeanero! Jam, candy, soap, sipping vinegars all berry of course just in case you wondered! Hungry yet?

4. And it's good for you, too.

Berries are great for all ages!

Yes, berries are a superfood; just think of them as caped crusaders helping to keep you well every day. Berries make healthy eating fun, consider the fact that most berries have more fiber than a bowl of bran cereal. What a great deal! The Lifewise Oregon Berry Festival is all about sharing information on how berries can help you stay healthy, we have a booth for health information with qualified folks you can talk to about how many and what kind of berries you should be eating. Also a booth for how to handle your berries when you get them home…to wash or not to wash?...we have the answers.

5. The Gala Berry Dinner on July 19th is one berry incredible feast.

Roof Top Dinning on the Terrace of the Ecotrust

After a full festival day of sampling berries, seeing cooking demos and entertainment on the Bluesberry Stage, eating and shopping what could be better than a grown up evening out. Award winning PDX Chef Jenn Louis of Lincoln and Sunshine will be creating a four-course gourmet meal that will be accompanied by the finest of Oregon’s famed wines and preceded by cocktails and appetizers. The dinner will be served on the roof top terrace of the Ecotrust with a fabulous view of the Portland skyline at night. Foodie berry heaven on the roof top!

About Cat MacKenzie

Cat McKenzie has been marketing Oregon berries for 15 year. She loves cooking, concerts and traveling the world.

Published July 5th, 2014