Podcast Episode 74: All About Louisville and Kentucky Bourbon

An interview with Larry Kass


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Larry Kass

Larry Kass

In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast, Larry Kass from Heaven Hill Distilleries talks to us about bourbon and its role in tourism for Louisville, Kentucky.   We discuss the difference between bourbon and other whiskies , how to taste bourbon, why the best bourbons are made in Kentucky, and how the bourbon industry was built.

Food for Thought:

  • Q:  What Ohio River port (in what was formerly Bourbon County) was most of the bourbon was shipped out of?
  • A:  Maysville

Out of the Frying Pan:

  • Best Book to Plan Your Trip:  best overall resource for trip planning is  Kentucky Bourbon Trail website.  For understanding bourbon and bourbon history, Larry recommends books by Gary Regan, Chuck Cowdery, and Fred Minnicks
  • Best Time of Year to Come:  Derby time (early May) or September during the Kentucky Bourbon Festival
  • Proper Glassware for Drinking Bourbon:  try it neat in a Glencairn tasting glass or try it in a cocktail
  • Best Bourbon Meal Pairing:   Pairs well with lots of foods, but classic pairing is with traditional meats like pork
  • Prediction for Bourbon in Kentucky:  Greater growth worldwide and greater interest in bourbon tourism

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