Podcast Episode 114: The Philosophy of Food

An interview with Dwight Furrow


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Dwight Furrow

Dwight Furrow, the author of American Foodie: Taste, Art, and the Cultural Revolution, talks about the philosophy of food. We discuss everything the impact of everything from automobile to Alice Waters to the Slow Food movement have shaped the way Americans think about food.
American Foodie

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  1. Rachel Lauren says:

    The philosophy of food started much earlier than the history of America. I don’t agree that we can call this a new topic. What your guest is calling a “food revolution” is indeed just another trend toward hedonism from puritanism, much like what happened in early greek philosophy, and most other cultures throughout history. Just look at Pythagorean’s vegetarian and anti-bean diet, the ideas behind it, who did not treat food as an art but felt that morality was involved in food choices. It was after this that there came a esthetic shift to epicuriean and other utilitarian philosophies of eating that value maximum pleasure first and foremost. This is such a small view on a very young country, however the US as a country is not its own single culture. These trends come and go always, reacting to each other continuously throughout history. Otherwise, cool topic though.

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Once a month, we'll send you our most popular food and travel articles.

Don't miss our best stuff!

Once a month, we'll send you our most popular food and travel articles.