Podcast Episode 12: Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen in Memphis

An interview with Tiffany Langston




Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen

Great Food

Great Chefs

Great Chefs

In this episode of the Find Dining podcast, Tiffany Langston of Tiffany Tastes offers up another great restaurant recommendation: Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen in Memphis, where Chefs Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman offer a new take on traditional Italian dishes like Maw Maw’s Ravioli.

Tiffany recommends:

  • A/M Breakfast
  • Antipasti (especially the pickled golden raisins)
  • Maw Maw’s Ravioli
  • Newman Farm Pork
  • Blood Orange Fizz (cocktail)
  • Old Memphis (cocktail)
  • Chocolate Torte (with popcorn gelato)

Memphis Food Events:

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