Podcast Episode 37: Bondir in Boston

An interview with Molly Korotkin


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Molly Korotkin

Molly Korotkin

In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast, Molly Korotkin of The Battle Between Fashion & Domestication offers up another great restaurant recommendation: Bondir in Cambridge, where Chef Jason Bond serves up New England dishes like smoked tea-braised red broiler chicken. We discuss the secrets to a good scallop, cooking in high heels and when three halves make a whole.

Molly recommends:

  • Scituate scallops with spelt flour spaetzle, caraway carrots & a sage froth
  • Smoked tea braised red broiler chicken with spaghetti squash & apples, roasted with guinea hog lardo, and an eggplant fritter
  • Elderberry & huckleberry semifreddo with rose geranium, angel food cake, red wine frozen mousse, blueberry jellies, blueberry leather, and a juniper froth


Boston Dining Districts to Explore:

  • Fort Point
  • Cambridge (Central Square or Inman Square)
  • Metrowest

Boston Food Events:

Food for Thought:

  • Q: How many years was Christmas banned in Boston in the 1600s?
  • A: 22 years.

Out of the Frying Pan Picks:

Bondir on Urbanspoon

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  1. Wow Molly is really knowledgeable! I’d love to hear more from her

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