Podcast Episode 79: The 101 Best Restaurants in America

An interview with Arthur Bovino


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Arthur Bovino

Arthur Bovino

In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast,  Arthur Bovino, Executive Editor of The Daily Meal, joins us to talk to us about all things food and drink.  We discuss crowd-sourced restaurant reviews, the process for ranking restaurants, and the five best places to eat in America.

The Daily Meal’s Top 5 Restaurants of 2014 (see the entire list):

Food for Thought:

  • Q:  Where and when was the potato chip invented?
  • A:  George Crum of Saratoga Springs, NY is credited for inventing one of America’s favorite snacks in 1853.

Out of the Frying Pan Picks:

  • Best meal from the last year: Sushi from Kura
  • Biggest Debate when Making the Top 101 list: There are lots of opportunities for heated debates.
  • What Does the The Daily Meal look for in a Food Writer: hunger for the food business

Photo by Jane Bruce


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