Podcast Episode 107: Where to Eat in Crete

An interview with Giorgios Maltezakis


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Giorgos Maltezakis

Giorgos Maltezakis

In this episode of the Find Dining Podcast, Giorgos Maltezakis of Cretan Paths talks to us about the food scene on the Greek island of Crete. We discuss olives, cheese, and minotaurs.

  • Check out the three-day potato festival in Psychro in August
  • Sample some eftazimo (seven kneaded bread)
  • Learn the myth of the minotaur before you head to Crete
  • You can visit the remains of the palace of Knossos
  • Taste some cheese: kefalotiri, anthotiros, mizithra
  • Sip some raki (or tsikoudia), the “shnapps” of Crete


Food for Thought

  • Crete Q: What three food products were the foundation of Minoan civilization?
  • A: Olive oil, wine, and barley.


Out of the Frying Pan

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Take a Food Tour

Our walking food tour combines tasty food tasting, food history, politics, and culture.
It begins with a light breakfast and unforgettable Cretan beverage. Since Arabs, Jews, Venetians, Ottomans, Greeks from Asia Minor, and immigrants have passed through Chania, adding their flavors to the local cuisine, we will follow their trail. We will experience a multi-sensory food event and delectable delicacies from one-of-a-kind specialty food shops while enjoying the opportunity to better understand the culinary history of the city and how the locals eat.

Our walk ends with a dive into the distant past. We will visit the archaeological museum of Chania to view selected cooking vessels and to experience them more in depth as one would taste exquisite old wine. We will then visit either a ceramic workshop, where we will have a chance to enjoy a short lesson in ancient cooking or a local taverna and we will be treated to home-baked bread, made according to ancient baking method- and other fine delicacies of historic Cretan gastronomy.

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