Podcast Episode 113: Where to Eat in Israel

An interview with Inbal Baum


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Inbal Baum

Inbal Baum

Inbal Baum, the Founder of Delicious Israel, joins us to talk about where foodies should eat when they travel to her country.

  • Shakshouka is a popular dish in Israel
  • Israeli Breakfast is a distinct and important meal
  • The modern cherry tomato has roots in Israel
  • Tel Aviv and Jerusalem top the list of cities you should visit
  • Beach season runs from April to October
  • Rosh Hashana is a great time to visit Israel
  • When you visit Tel Aviv, go to the Carmel Market, the Levinsky Market
  • Try the date syrup, Silan



Food for Thought

  • delicious israel Q: After pita bread, what is the most common food used to “wipe” humus?
  • A: Raw onion.


Out of the Frying Pan

  • Favorite Spot for Outdoor Dining: Milgo & Milbar
  • Favorite Place to Buy Spices: Cafe Arma in Levinsky Market
  • Herbs to Try: Za’atar and Hawaij (in Yemenite Coffee)
  • Favorite Winery: Sphera
  • Favorite Place for Dessert: The Malabia
  • Favorite Food Experience for Kids: Max Brenner
  • Chef to Watch: Eyal Shani
  • Dish to Try at Different Places: Shakshouka and sabich

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