Podcast Episode 81: Dining in the Galilee in Israel

An interview with Paul Nirens


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Paul Nirens

Paul Nirens

In this episode of the Find Dining podcast, we talk to Paul Nirens, the founder of Galileat about food tourism in Israel. We discuss the culinary diversity of the Galilee region of Israel and bringing cultures together through the developing food tourism industry.

  • The Galilee region is dotted with 30 or 40 wineries, small boutique dairies, specialty bakeries, and grain mills.
  • Olives and citrus are among the most abundant crops in Israel.
  • Join Galileat to forage for wild herbs and vegetables, then learn how to cook them in a workshop taught by a local host.
  • Discover local foods like frika (green spelt), hubeza (mallow), and akub (a type of thistle).

Food for Thought

  • Q: Name the seven species of food stuffs that were listed in the Bible as specific to Israel.
  • A: Wheat, olives, figs, barley, grapes, pomegranate, dates (Deut.8:8)

Out of the Frying Pan:

  • Must try dish: Sinaya (meatballs in tahini sauce)
  • Wineries to visit: Galil Heights Winery produces about 3 million bottles a year.
  • Restaurant with a view: Rothberg’s
  • Favorite Market to visit: Arrabah
  • Best food events or festivals: Lots of festivals and activities during the olive pick at the end of October
  • On-line travel guides: no one tourist authority that will get you everywhere. There are some regional agencies with guides in Hebrew.
  • Where do most visitors come from: half are Israeli and half from oversees. Most foreign visitors are American, German, Italian, Australian, or British.
  • Prediction for Galilee food scene: more organization and local tour agencies, but not overdeveloped


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