Q&A with Andre Arriaza of Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours

Andre Arriaza of Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours tells foodies what they need to know about the food scene in Barcelona, Spain.


Andre Arriaza is passionate about sharing food, simply because it has giving him so much about cultures and people, there has been always something new and great to learn and try, and moreover to connect with. So far, according to Andre, food unites and thats unique in nowadays world, a fact that is now he exercise every week with the curious foodie who joins Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours. We asked him a few questions...

1. What foods is your city known for?

Pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomato). An art on itself and an identity to Catalan people. Bread rubbed with garlic, tomato, olive oil and a pinch of salt in that very same order Escalivada. Eggplant and Bell Peppers cooked in ashes served with a generous amount of olive oil are the ingredients of this perfect pairing to Pa amb Tomaquet Crema Catalana. Burned cream recipe unique to Catalonia as the custard is flavored with orange zest and cinnamon, and the sugar caramelized under an iron boiler. Catanies. Locally grown almonds which are toasted and covered by caramel, white chocolate and powdered black chocolate. A perfect pair with cava or coffee. Vermut. Indispensable drink if you want to go for tapas in Barcelona. It is basically a type of fortified wine flavored with herbs. Pair it olives or clams and anchovies.

2. What neighborhoods should people visit when they come to your city?

All of them! Why, because each Barcelona neighborhood is unique. Nevertheless to answer your question, I give you my favorite ones and the reason why i choose them: - Sant Antoni and Poblesec. This is where I got to know Barcelona 12 years ago. These are two neighborhoods that have been always flying below the radar, the place that is close to Barcelona bustling center which is not invaded by massive tourism and where the locals just live and enjoy life at their own pace. Moreover, the gastronomic offer has been always amazing, and more these days with famous chefs settling their restaurants there. Unique! - Barceloneta. Beyond the noise of the city center, this is the place that turns its back to Barcelona and reveal itself on a distinctive atmosphere linked to its past as a fisherman village. I really love strolling around its windy narrow streets, smelling fish and seafood based recipes prepared everywhere and getting the first glimpse of what the Mediterranean sea has to offer us. Amazing! - Left side of Eixample. This is the side, close to the city center, that is glamorous and concentrates most of Barcelona top restaurants within a distinctive representation of day to day life in the city. I really love the trendy places that share their offer with the old renowned eateries that didn't see time passing by. Superb!

3. What is the best time of year to visit your city?

Funny question, Barcelona host a fantastic weather all year long. Even in winter some people go into the sea, and moreover its proximity to the Pyrenees makes it a top attraction during winter (sky during the day, sleep by the sea at night), and no comments about spring and summer - we all like wearing flip flops and t-shirts day and night.

4. What can people expect on your food tours?

Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours celebrates people that are passionate about food by providing customers a culinary and cultural experience in fascinating neighborhoods of this city, exposing them to the way locals eat, source their food and embrace its culture in a sustainable way. Did you hear about the famous Mediterranean diet? well, that´s showcased in our food tour! We provide a remarkable experience to taste the local life through best Barcelona restaurateurs and business owners who are part of the districts history, and moreover, the ones making this adventure feasible.These eateries and specialty stores which use locally sourced ingredients and fresh products, a represent the most environmentally and nutritionally responsible choice to make while choosing tasty and healthy food.

Published July 5th, 2016