Podcast Episode 85: Where to Eat in Cape Cod

Planning a summer vacation to Cape Cod? We talked to the founder of Cape Cod Foodie Tours about where to get the best clam chowder in Hyannis.

Wood Fired Pizza

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Kayak Cookies on the Cape

In this episode of the Find Dining podcast, Colleen Franzreb, founder of Cape Cod Foodie Tours, talks to us about dining in Cape Cod. We discuss how to build a food tour business, the secret to great fish and chips, and the how to avoid Cape traffic.

Wood Fired Pizza

Food for Thought

  • Q: What iconic food was first served in Plymouth, Massachusetts beginning in the 17th Century, the name of which elicits blank stares for anyone outside of New England?
  • A: Indian pudding

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Gelato on the Cape


Published May 15th, 2014