Podcast Episode 108: Traveling the World for Food

Jodi Ettenberg
By Jodi Ettenberg
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Seven years ago, Jodi Ettenberg quit her job to travel the world, eat delicious food, and launch the Legal Nomads blog. In this episode of the Find Dining podcast, she tells us her story.

Jodi Ettenberg
Jodi Ettenberg

1. Food for Thought

  • Q: Where did ketchup originate?

2. Out of the Frying Pan

  • Favorite Market: Rotating Markets on Inle Lake in Myanmar

  • Favorite Wineries: On the island of Waiheke in New Zealand

  • Favorite Dessert: Crunchy grapes (?!?) and Cha-An (black sesame dessert)

  • Favorite Holiday Celebration: Anything local

  • Favorite Cheese: Sheep's Milk Cheddar from Portland, Oregon and Stilton cheese from the UK

  • Inspirational Advice: Food is the best way to discover new places

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