The Top 5 Brunch Spots in Montreal

The people of Montreal are real breakfast lovers. Check out these top five best restaurants in Quebec for a great brunch!

Chez Régine' brunch

As travelers will discover when they first get in the city, Montrealers are real breakfast lovers. Starting with institution as Beauty's Luncheonette, opened since 1942 on Mont-Royal Avenue, brunch has become a real source of inspiration for chefs and cooks: national meals are being reinvented, cultures are mixed and seasonal products are valued. Need a bite of Montreal's morning taste? You will find here five excellent addresses to start your day in front of flavorful dishes, surrounded by a great atmosphere. Bon appétit!

1. Chez Régine

Located in Montreal's beautiful area Rosemont Petite-Patrie, Chez Régine's restaurant will charm you at first sight while you will admire its elegant retro-chic style. Even the chairs are pieces of art! What we love most though is the original and creative menu. Everything is more than delicious and also, homemade, from the pastries to its bacon. Cooks don't hesitate to mix salty and sweet flavors from local Quebec's products. They use for their recipes one of best cheeses from Quebec’s producers, as “Cheddar Île-aux-Grues” and “Le Mamirolle”. For mushroom’s lovers, you must order the dish named “Champi”, amazingly good and healthy. Perfect culinary presentation in a sophisticated and eclectic atmosphere… Result: definitely a must for real breakfast lovers! Not surprisingly, Chez Régine’s won an “Excellence Certificate” from Trip Advisor team.

1840 Beaubien East Street, Montreal, Canada

(514) 903-0676

2. The Sparrow

The Sparrow is the cutest place on Saint-Laurent’s street to start your day, with the million little sparrows that will surround you on the wallpaper while you will sit at your table. The atmosphere is vintage and more than welcoming; the meals, full of flavors and affordable. The menu is short and precise. You won’t get lost in pages of food options while you are still half asleep. The “House-smoked trout”’ dish is definitely a must if you like a bit of sea taste when you’re sipping a latte. You also need to try the freshness of their Turkish breakfast, with feta, tomatoes, olives and soft boiled eggs. A delight! If you get the chance, also get those Scottish eggs, perfectly cooked and not so heavy. Best place if you want to pimp your breakfast with a tasty Mimosa or a Bloody Caesar, just spicy enough!

5322 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec

(514) 507-1642

3. Vieux Vélo

Vieux Vélo's restaurant, two steps away from the Petite-Italie's dynamic neighborhood, is a small, cozy and hipster place that could be called, for the cheap price and tasty dishes, “benedict’s king”. This lovely address won the first place in best breakfast's categories, according to “Best of Mtl 2013: Food and Drinks” of CultMontreal. Veggie-pesto, smoked Atlantic's salmon, brie-bacon-avocado… The variety of eggs benedict are simple but, oh so tasty! Just got there and no room for you? No problem! The cute and comfy coffee next door Odessa, from the same owner, will offer you to taste a comforting latte or cappuccino while you wait. When your table is ready, you cross next door to Vieux Vélo and get ready for an amazing (and low price) dish of benedicts!

59 Rue Beaubien East, Montreal, Quebec

4. Le Fabergé

Have you ever taste a classic Montreal's poutine? Here's an opportunity to rediscover this special dish in a morning way, cup of coffee in hand. Le Fabergé, located in the heart beat of Mile-End's lovely neighborhood, is offering, surrounded by a relaxing and trendy atmosphere, a perfect occasion to taste brand new culinary tendencies. Forget the eternal toast with peanut butter and jam; time for you to explore something new. Breakfast poutine with eggs, caramelized peppers and onions, Quebec's cheese curds and hollandaise sauce, or chicken wings on waffles bathed with maple syrup? Who says yes? For eggs lover, you will feel at home while you will explore the million ways on the menu to taste your favorite ingredient. Not a coincidence this address is named “Le Fabergé”, in honor of “Faberge eggs” treasuries of tsarist Russian empire. Here your chance to provoke your taste buds in a total Montreal morning's way, with flavorful food and friendly staff.

25 Avenue Fairmount West, Montreal, Quebec

(514) 903-6649

5. Prohibition

Located in the beautiful and not too touristic Notre-Dame de Grace’s neighborhood, on Monkland Avenue, Prohibition is definitely an excellent brunch spot! The space is well decorated, with a beautiful piano in a corner, and the atmosphere is cozy. The menu presents unique ingredients combinations and the result tastes amazing. Prices are very affordable, around 15$ coffee included. Prohibition is specially known for their delicious Bulgarian benedict’s (poached eggs with garlic yogurt, sheep’s feta and paprika oil… you can call that a must!), fried chicken with challah french toast and their lemon ricotta pancakes served with blueberry compote and sugar bacon. The portions are generous and the staff, very attentive. Lovely recommended experience!

5674 Monkland, Montreal, Quebec

(514) 481-8466

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Published September 16th, 2014