Top 5 Restaurants in Sydney, Australia

Planning a foodie vacation in Australia? Don't miss these top 5 restaurants in Sydney!


Sydney is simply fantastic, no matter if you are here for a family trip or a business assignment. One thing you surely must not miss is the mouth-watering seafood. Seafood is a staple diet for people in almost all parts of Australia. Being greeted by water from all the four sides, this does not come across as any surprise. Sydney is home to some of the finest seafood restaurants. They have unique recipes on offer with each one promising to treat your taste buds in the best possible manner. Let us have a look at some of Sydney's top 5 Restaurants.

1. Tetsuya's Restaurant

Tetsuya's is located right in the heart of Sydney. It is one of the finest family restaurants you will come across. It offers a luxurious and extremely unique dining experience. The ambience of this restaurant is calming and serene, to say the least. It's fusion way of cooking recipes that makes this place unique in many ways. The menu has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to seafood. With a number of mouth-watering recipes at your disposal, choosing a particular one could be a tough task. The Hiramasa Kingfish recipe is a specialty of this restaurant and is responsible for earning a reputation of being one of the best seafood restaurants in Sydney

529 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

+61 2 9267 2900

2. Sepia Restaurant

Sepia is another spectacular place to dine. It is absolutely ravishing and leaves its guests with a mesmerizing experience. Sepia is renowned to use more of local ingredients. Hence, it reflects the culture and heritage of Australia, a sure-shot destination for every single traveler. The menu has a lot of Japanese influence. Sushi dominates most of the recipes. The restaurant also offers some of the finest Japanese tea, a perfect way to finish an astonishing meal. With a high quality staff and wonderful guest list, it is certainly one of the best family restaurants across the country.

Street Sydney 2000 Australia

+61 2 9283 1990

3. Marque Restaurant

Marque is located on the outskirts of Sydney. Even though it is located a touch far away, getting there is no issue at all for guests. The restaurant offers a driver to pick up guests from the city. Marque was declared as the Restaurant of the Year' for 2012. The staff is known to be extremely efficient and more importantly, very friendly. Unlike many other restaurants, Marque has earned great reputation for serving some of the finest duck recipes. Apart from serving great food and making the guests experience fine dining, these Sydney top restaurants are also very well known for the kind of kids’ activities they have on offer. Hence, these places are perfect as they offer something for people of all age groups.

4/5 355 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Australia

+61 2 9332 2225

4. Cafe Nice

This place may be termed as one of the nicest restaurants in Sydney. They serve delicious French foods including pissaladire, ratatouille and polenta served with Roquefort and walnuts.

2 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

+61 2 8248 9600

5. Thai Pothong

Sydney has the similar multicultural overall appeal similar to various other major capitals including Manchester and London. Persons via all over the world have come and built business within the heart of Sydney. That is very good news for those who enjoy partaking in spectacular delicacies all through the year. The Thai Pothong bistro boasts all kinds of tasteful dishes including banana flower salad and chilli basil barrarnundi. Make sure that you have an Australian Visa whenever you take a trip to Sydney.

294 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

+61 2 9550 6277 

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Published February 23rd, 2015